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Friday, June 26, 2009

the weather was bad and i fell sick today. the swine flu is spreading rapidly that im kinda scared of going crowded places now.

so, i've always been the kind of girl who dreams and have wild imaginations but not letting it occupy my everyday life lah. sometimes i would imagine how will i be in ten years from now? what kind of clothes will i wear, where will i work, how will the love of my life look like, what changes will there be to my family members, how different would life be from now, and most importantly would i lead a happy and healthy life after all? well these questions often pop out in my mind. i couldnt give any answer to myself or neither could anyone else. because in our lives, everything is possible. like the elders always say, future is in your own hands. what you do today would reflect what you are in time to come.

as everyone isnt born perfect, i knew that i have countless flaws and mistakes. when the worse situation hits on me, i would go to daddy to seek for advice and opinions, and he never failed me. :) everyone would fall, break down and be at fault, but most importantly, you definitely need to get back up right on your feet and continue your journey. i believe that everyone must have faith in themselves and believe that they can do better next time.

because there is always another chance,
because there is always another tomorrow.