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Friday, August 14, 2009

its been four fucking days since i fell sick. why am i still dealing with all these pain? damn i am so emotionally disturbed now. i am emo, bitch. its a friday night but i dont feel like heading out. but for rachy's sake i decided to grasp some fresh air outside. in the end, plan was cancelled and it brought me down to the ground. besides, P just had an accident in JB and i am missing him terribly. tried to call but i guess his phone was dead. "hello, the person you called is unavailable" blablabla fuck im worried :(

why is this happening to me? im totally not a fan of mood swings but it did hit on me! menstrual period is not here yet. maybe thats the reason to it. i shall stop ranting and put myself to sleep.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

class has started! but i fell sick. Baby Rachy accompanied me to the clinic last night. glad that everyting is all good, just needed some rest to recover.

Qing! she removed her extensions and trimmed her hair. babe, dont worry. you still look good although your hair is short okay. :)

had lunch with her in Sushi Zanmai, Pyramid.

G.I. Joe. i give it an 8 out of 10 rating. its damn cool! i love to see an asociation unite as a force to defeat the opponent. i love unity! and i really adore Sienna Miller with her dark colored hair. one word, HOT.

been wearing mask lately to avoid the significant H1N1. i gotta go. need some rest again. those medicines are vaguely knocking the shit out of me. please take precaution steps and drink more water to avoid falling sick people!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

♥ How did I fall in love with you?

its been 2 months since semester break started. just like that, new semester has come and i am starting class next week. drove to school on monday and settled all the payments for repetition and resource fees. i feel like a big girl and am proud for handling all of these all by myself :) of course, i had to thank daddy cause it was him who taught me how to be independent.

sigh, talking about that made my day a bit gloomy. despite all that dad has done for me, i am acting in an irresponsible manner and made him foolish like that. :( i was fucking shocked when the statement of the amount paid since i started this course laid in my hands. the thoughts on my mind for failing all these while was just pure consolation to myself, nothing regarding the price he had to pay for stupid mistakes i've done. its a fucking 30k man i feel like a jerk and i dont tink i've accomplish any skills at all. i've not done anything good and to be honest, i still dont know how to handle the sewing machine and i've not sew anyting at all for my assignments. kill me now please. i dont wanna go on further about this or else i'll feel even worse.

anyway, i told myself, this would be the last time that i am ever gonna let him down. no more fucking around and waste dad's money down the drain no more! this WILL NEVER happen anymore!

things with P are gradually evolving to the better; i guess. bought candies for him and his nigga boys, they went jumping around happily like happy kids!

had been spending lotsa quality time with Baby Rachy lately; sleepovers, shopping, pool and drinking sessions. i realised i've develop stronger feelings of more than just bestfriend towards her. i tink the bond between us is even closer than biological sisters. precisely, an indescribable friendship!

and urm, bought this Takara Tomy remote toy car for P, from Toy R Us. the size is damn damn cute, say about 2 inches or lesser? omgatz!

it even has a Turbo button where once you press on it, the tiny car will move faster, just like what NOS does to your car :D