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Saturday, February 28, 2009

♥ You spin my head right round right round

boring saturday as someone stupid left me for another princess and ran away to a creepy oldtown for supersweet hainanese chicken chop rice and balls kicking sessions in the night. wtf hahah

there's nothing much i could do at home besides sleeping, eating and go online. and that contributes to one of the reasons for my weight gain. class has started for a week but i still cant really cope well with it yet. oh well, someone will be starting uni soon so we wont be seeing each other already. and tomorrow is the last day so lets celebrate!

been counting the months that i've not catch a movie since the previous one which was somewhere in november.

Love matters - typical singaporean show but reflects the reality in our life. quite a touching and humorous movie as always.

Look for a star - andy lau is so hot even when he's aging! i like the scenario and the characterizations of his role :D

Role Model - the black young dude curse and swears like nobody's business. but he was damn cute lol

Balls Out - Seann Willian Scott. go check him out :)

- gugu gaga

Thursday, February 26, 2009

♥ No, he cant read my poker face

Business Management class was re-scheduled to 1pm from today onwards. was an hour late but who actually bothers? slacky school haha. after introductions were done, class was dismissed. chilled in plaza with long lost mates while waiting for CAF form from year leader. payments took me almost two sleepy and boring hours to be done. only three counters were opened and there's about 60 students before me wtf.

this is shan. i feel that he's damn gay but hey, he's very nice okay.

this is getting shitty. please stop feeding me you know who you are! my face is turning into a bigger pau gahhh

this is jeremiah ding wan from a tribal group in sarawak hahah wtf. but he looks alot like chinese right!

its been more than half a year's time i've not seen them due to my semester repetition. now we're all back on the same track cause it's their turn to repeat yay!

i like blur photographs.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

♥ what if there was no light, nothing's wrong nothing's right

weeee! finally managed to wake up in the morning and went to school. but, morning class was cancelled cause the lecturer was having a really bad migraine, on the first day of fashion illustration wtf -_- we had to come back for the afternoon session at 2pm but gahhh i am lazy and sleepy for waking up without reasons already. anyway, there's only short briefs for the day so never mind on that. :)

- coldplay

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

♥ Im so addicted to, all the things you do

tuesdays are my holidays! no lectures no tutorials no nothing on this day which i can choose to sleep it off and call it a day but, instead, i went for a scrumptious lunch in fullhouse with brian and cristine who just got back from sabah with cute pinkish tan. :) spent our time chatting, shopping and doing manicure while brian was pitifully left alone in his imaginary world. i love what i just wrote lolwtf anyway, was glad to see you today babe!

its been a week since we last met, kiss kiss first! lol

- saving abel

Monday, February 23, 2009

♥ Seize the day or die regretting the time you lost

i woke up early today and attended the first day of class right on time. i was happy that i even managed to catch up with my korean chick for breakfast after so long. after lunch, i stayed in class for tutorial until it ends. i am so proud of myself cause i am finally punctual instead of procrastinating and wakes up early.

okay i lied. things werent the way that i pictured them. :(

16 february - belated birthday dinner at tony romas with shevounne, jonathan, suwai, kean hoe and brian.

thanks for the treat babe, you know i love you, sam pat! :D

Sunday, February 22, 2009

♥ when im with you, i'll make every second count

hot long showers feels so good and prolly better than sex :)

sundays are boring but it feels so much of just staying at home. class is starting tomorrow, doesnt it happen a little too fast? the worse is, i am so not prepared for it. it seems like i havent had enough of holidays and thats a bad thing. i need t
o keep myself back on track and concentrate in my studies. since everything wont be the same like last semester, in any aspects, i will go with the flow and try my best to do the best.

birthday muffins, cute toys and sketches.

stupid mysterious guy.

ps : insomnia, 至上励合-棉花糖 lalala