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Sunday, September 20, 2009

stop telling me that she's mad again, stop asking me whats there to do to gain him back.
both of you have been showering me with problems and questions like these for the past few months.
if your plans are to blow out my mind, you got it; sooner or later.
i've had enough.

its like buying apples without considering if its good or not. when you start eating it and found out it was rotten, you come to me and spit it out right at my face, asking me why did it turn out like this.

should the ones who behaved badly and caused the tragic aftermath be responsible for what we go through today; not me. not because im the eldest, not because im the wiser one.

i feel deeply pressured every time i think things in between. knowing the fact that im a part of it no matter what, i feel that i am in desperate need to mend things up. not to fix it flawlessly but at least for the better.

leave the past behind.
if you dont,
you'll never move on,
you'll never be happy again.