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Thursday, September 3, 2009


i couldnt take this anymore. i need to shouuuutttt ! do you think you could just come and go as you like and whenever you want? you've never respected my privacy do you? you dont have any ethics because you're just purely uneducated, yes you are. i wonder whats in that 0.0001mm mind of yours, for you could just appear in my sight out of no where. do you know that your presence never failed to freak the shit out of me every single time? sorie but the fact is, you are ugly. you are the ugliest thing i've ever seen in my life. i dont like you at all you see. so can you please stop bothering me and stop making my life miserable? i really couldnt be patient to you anymore and i have reach my limit of tolerance. if i ever see you again, i'll just have to eliminate you from the world. you are just a disgrace of your race and you're taking too much space on the earth. im so hating you to the extent where i've made a vow to myself. if i ever see you again, i will make sure your skinny limbs are scattered around the world, your brains are stuffed in your anus, your faeces comes out from your nose and your intestines are crushed into liquid form. in short, i will take your life away from you without letting you any chance to beg at all, BY ALL MEANS.

how does that sound? :)