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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

guess you should know.
by me being silent doesnt mean discreet agreement;
to the things you've done, whether its right or wrong.

i've been through all sorts of obstacles in life,
but none has dragged this long.
it seems like a drama with 365 episodes;
feels like it never ends,
and it keeps going on and on, scene after scene,
whether you like it or not.

just when i thought its time to put a full stop,
problems occur again.
without fail, there will be a reason anyhow to all the arguments.

im too tired and sick to pop my ass in their conflicts.
its not like i dont feel a thing but,
im just too immuned to be bothered.
its not like i didnt do anything to make things better but,

adults are stubborn.
so stubborn where they would just listen to your words,
but not do anything about it at all.
they feel what they want to, they do what they want to,
they say what they want to, they behave how they want to.
the power to change is never in my hands.

i dont wanna be involved in between them.
thats all i could ever wish for this christmas.